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Gold Business Solutions expanding into new horizons

Gold Business Solutions expanding into new horizons

We are very excited to announce that we are changing our name to Agovo Limited, effective from the 22nd December 2014. This change of our name is designed to reflect our ever expanding range of products and services that we are introducing to better serve all our existing and new clientele.

We have also taken the opportunity to launch our new website,, so please view it at your convenience. Agovo means ‘to consult and succeed’ and that exactly describes what we want to achieve in our business. We are keen to work with all of our customers to firstly assess outstanding needs they may have, determine the solution that works best for them and then implement in a way that helps our customers to succeed in achieving their business goals.

We are proud that we continue to offer and support Goldmine as a CRM solution, but equally feel our new and exciting partnership with another CRM product, bpm’online, allows us to expand the CRM concept to a more comprehensive and total business process solution. It also gives the flexibility for customers to be either server-based or housed in the cloud and we are also introducing a security encryption product that gives you extra security for cloud-based data storage.

We are also offering a fantastic mobile CRM sales tool, called ForceManager, which complements different CRM packages and produces real sales efficiencies and improved sales performance. Thus, we are now able to offer new products that are designed to give all our customers sustainable and improved solutions for all their infrastructure needs. We are pleased to announce that this also includes new IT security products which will help all our customers to protect against external cybercrime, hacking and internal abuse of emails, the internet and intranet systems.

Specifically, Agovo now offers the following products:

• Goldmine CRM;
• Bpm’online CRM;
• Bpm’online ITIL;
• ForceManager mobile CRM;
• Palo Alto Networks web security; and
• Safenet data protection.

All products are backed up by implementation, training, support, maintenance and constant updating to meet the changing needs and opportunities our customers may face in operating their businesses.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to chat to us about any way we can help you.

Yours faithfully,
Samuel Tilley

Samuel Tilley

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