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Is your CRM system working hard enough?

We’re all searching for it… Extra minutes in the day, clever ways to maximise your time, new systems that can automate repetitive tasks. As a nation we have become all consumed with being more productive and getting more out of our working day. This blog looks at 5 simple ways to use your CRM system to help you unlock precious minutes in your day to leave you with more time for the important stuff – actually engaging with your customers!

1. Plan your calendar

I’m sure you are already familiar with the likes of Outlook, Google calendar or any other calendar on your phone. However, a CRM calendar has the benefit of being intrinsically linked with your leads, accounts and contacts. This allows the system to advise you when to send out a presentation, give you a clear view of your tasks for the week but most importantly it gives you information right when and where you need it most. For example, you have a call with Mr Brown. Let your CRM system work for you, showing you the important points that he will be interested in, what to avoid, who his colleagues are and any other information you have stored.

2. Speed up reporting

You know how long it can take to set up a good looking report – pulling all of your data from your emails, various spreadsheets and notes you just haven’t had time to digitalise. With a CRM system it’s a much simpler process. As you are already inputting all of your interactions with your customers and leads and/or the CRM is pulling from various sources such as your emails, creating a good looking dashboard takes minutes instead of hours. What’s more, once you set it up you don’t need to configure it again, it automatically pulls the latest data (based on whatever criteria you want to see).

3. Automate elements of your business process

Using a CRM system that also has business process functions can automate those mundane tasks for you. By automating tasks that are important but don’t necessarily need to be changed every time, you will have more time to work on a killer presentation, sales pitch or finding out more about your customer!

4. Keep your email inbox clear

It’s easy to spend hours organising your email box – prioritising, putting emails in folders and then trying to remember where you put that important note from your colleague. With a CRM that’s a thing of the past. All of your important information, documents and notes are stored with each customer account so you can always find what you need, even if it was created by one of your colleagues. What’s more if your CRM system has a chat function (most do) then you can easily ask what you colleagues or team members are working on or when you can expect a task to be completed.

5. Delegate

It’s a luxury to have too many customers that your not sure which ones to deal with first but you must decide! With a CRM its easy to choose which leads go to which member of your team and its quick to transfer a lead to one of your colleagues. When you have all of your customers interactions stored all in one place it alleviates the need to spend a lot of time explaining what you’ve been doing with a particular customer, what their needs are, what are their pain points etc.

These are just a few ways to increase your productivity by fully utilising your CRM or by getting yourself a CRM system (if you don’t already have one)! Tweet us more ways your CRM helps you to be more productive @agovo.

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