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Agovo vendor Bpm’online streamlines the customer journey with 7.6

Bpm’online, the process-driven CRM software for marketing, sales and service automation already helps over 6,000 organisations win more customers, faster. Thanks to the release of the 7.6 version of this award-winning CRM platform, the software is now offers even more features which enrich the user experience when working across multiple communication channels, better support field selling and enhanced digital marketing automation.

With 62% of all CRM solutions expected to move to the cloud by 2019*, driven in large part by innovations from newer solution vendors, the new bpm’online version 7.6 update typifies the transformation underway in the CRM category as new technology enables organisations to significantly streamline each stage of the customer journey – from lead to loyalty.

The new bpm’online platform upgrade provides end to end marketing, sales and service automation so that teams can:

Leverage guided field selling and extended sales capabilities

The updated version of bpm’online sales dramatically expands the solution’s field force management and order management workflows. Innovative guided field selling tools available in bpm’online mobile app, guide the field sales rep through the steps they need to accomplish during the visit. The supervisors can intelligently plan visits for each sales rep, view locations on the map to choose the most convenient route, and monitor actual visits by geo-tags from field sales representatives’ check-ins in each of the locations. New pre-set templates of supply and payment schedules will help to reduce order processing time.

Take customer communications to the next level with extended omnichannel features

The Bpm’online 7.6 platform’s omnichannel communication tools now provide extended Facebook integration capabilities and full support of the new Facebook API. Free video calls between bpm’online users add interactivity to daily communications. Extended filtering and tagging capabilities allow users to find necessary data within the matter of seconds. New dashboard widgets give even more possibilities for visual representation of data.

Power up digital marketing

The bpm’online marketing’s comprehensive set of new tools help improve conversion rates at each stage of demand generation and lead nurturing. Users can start converting website visitors to leads in bpm’online through integrated management of landing pages, tracking lead sources and channels. A built-in content designer makes it easy to create simple and eye-catching email templates for mass mail campaigns. Features for running email split (A/B) testing help marketers identify the most effective templates and subject lines by sending different email versions to a target audience. Trigger emails allows for the automation of the lead nurturing process – from lead capture to sales-ready opportunities.

Set up ongoing dialogue with the customer

Bpm’online service users can take advantage of the updated self-service customer portal with the new Home Page for instant access to all the necessary information. Static and blind queues in bpm’online service 7.6 will help service agents and supervisors to work with request queues more efficiently.

Watch the Webinar

Find out more about this release by watching the launch webinar below.

Delivered by Agovo

As bpm’online’s exclusive lead partner for the UK and Ireland, we are here to help you make the most of this next generation CRM system. We are on hand to listen to your needs, then plan, install and support your implementation, and provide training to your staff. What’s more, as your business changes and the software is enhanced we’ll be here to make sure your solution is always the right fit.Register for your 20 minute no obligation demonstration of how the new bpm’online platform can streamline your business processes.


*“State of the Cloud Report, 2015,” Bessemer Venture Partners, as cited in Forbes, June 20, 2015, at

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