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How dynamic processes help accelerate digital transformation

Yesterday, Agovo vendor bpm’online hosted an informative webinar with guest speaker, Rebecca Wettemann leading CRM analyst and VP of Nucleus Research. The webinar looked at how by using a CRM that offers dynamic processes you can drive greater ROI and improved user productivity.

Nucleus Research have found that although 73% of CRM buyers achieve a positive ROI only 10% of projects deliver the maximum value. This is mostly due to inflexible and static processes that create a value gap during deployment and upgrades.

Empower Users to Drive Change

A CRM which puts the power in the hands of the user and allows companies to make small gradual changes over time empowers those companies with the capacity to be more competitive as they adapt to market or need changes more rapidly.

This flexibility helps to shrink the value gap and drive both bottom line savings and top line benefits.

This was the case for UK based B2B telemarketing agency, SCi Sales Group. By finding a CRM system which allows for such dynamic processes (bpm’online), SCi Sales Group found the balance between usability, clear workflows & flexibility for it’s clients which resulted in:

  • An increase of agent productivity of 25%
  • Improved reporting
  • A reduced agent churn rate, down by 10%
  • Reduced technology costs

Provide User Training to Increase Productivity

Amongst those polled during the webinar the people within an organisation are the biggest challenger for digital transformation. Likely to be due to factors such as low propensity to change and possibly an unwillingness to learn new skills.

Bpm’online then used automotive parts wholesale distributor, Armtek as a case study to demonstrate how an agile, process driven CRM can rapidly adapt to new processes across sales, marketing & customer service whilst still maintaining current processes.

It’s really customer service that is driving a need to be more flexible than is available with current system. Customers want to be communicated with on a number of channels and follow different processes based on a number of criteria, it’s no longer possible to only say you can telephone our customer service team, customers want to be able to across support anywhere, anytime.

Why can’t a normal CRM bring you the same benefits as a process driven one?

Wettemann and Rooney discussed how process driven CRM is the future, as it allows you to improve predictability & results. Wettemann added, the more you can automate, the more you can free up time to think more strategically. It allows users to spend more time selling, more time developing clever marketing campaigns and more time engaging with customers.

Watch the webinar in full to find out more about how dynamic business processes help businesses to be more flexible and adaptable.

If you would like to find out how a process driven CRM could help your business call: 08455 212 199

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