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How the right CRM can help your field sales team be more efficient

There are a number of challenges for a sales rep who is frequently out on the road, particularly when it comes to keeping tracking appointments, accessing customer information and staying up-to-date with colleagues. With the right CRM system however these issues can be alleviated so you are rest assured that your field sales team are following procedures and have access to their customer data at the touch of their fingers.


Frequently, a field based sales rep will be left with a poor internet connection or worse no connection at all whilst they are travelling around. Mostly meaning that by the time they have a connection again, they forget important additional information or an unexpected customer request or even forget to ask something important during the meeting.

By having a CRM system that has an app that can be used offline (and resynced once the rep is back in range) or with limited WiFi or data signal, the rep has all of the information stored in one place and can update the record either during or as soon as they’re out of their meeting.

Location Information

When they’re out on the road, visiting a number of clients, it’s important for a sales rep to know where they’re going before they set off from one meeting to the next.

With a CRM system that shows where on a map where all the day’s appointments are, you eliminate the need to rummage through an entire inbox trying to find the right address and can plan out the most effective order of the day to minimise miles & waste less time between meetings.

Place an Order

Sometimes the customer wants to get moving with an order right away. For this a CRM system that has tools for quick and easy product selection and order creation, means that the order can be placed right away in the meeting – speeding up the order process!

All of these features can be found in bpm’online’s 7.6 Field Sales Management extension. An add-on for bpm’online sales which provides field sales personnel with automated functionality that increase efficiency and saves time currently spent manually inputting data. What’s more, field sales features such as pre-set templates for supply and payment schedules have the potential to reduce administrative overhead as well as drive time savings.

Based on these time savings, Nucleus Research estimates that these new features will increase field sales user productivity by an average of 5 percent; users who spend significant time on data input are likely to experience even greater savings.

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