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CRM Success Story with Clarity Travel

Bpm’online CRM Success Story with Clarity Travel Management Group

We interviewed Sarah Smith from Portman Clarity about her experience with bpm’online and Agovo CRM services.

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Video Transcription

Hi my names Sarah Smith, I’m the Telemarketing Manager at Portman Clarity and we offer global travel solutions to our clients with a tailor made approach to suit individual clients requirements. 

What was the situation before the migration to bpm’online with Agovo?

So when we used our previous CRM system, it wasn’t real time, so often we had issues where we would have one account being accessed by two different users in different locations.

The issue was that one person would update the account and the other person didn’t know. So, from a new business point of view, that was a really big issue.

What were your main requirements for a new CRM?

Our main requirement was that we had a cloud based system. A lot of our users are on the road such as our sales managers and account managers and we needed for them to have access via the mobile app to the real time data.

1. To increase their productivity so that they could do everything on the go.

2. From a office point of view so we can access real time data from the cloud to make sure everyone is up to date.   

Following discussions with Agovo, our CRM provider, we then found bpm’online.

What are the main benefits of using bpm’online?

I would say that the time saving, so I have saved approximately 5% of my time simply reporting through bpm’online which takes seconds instead of days.

With the dynamic folders, we use them a lot because it allows us to target specific industries and spend types for our prospective clients.

What is your favourite part of bpm’online?

One of our favourite parts of bpm’online really is the dashboards, they’re absolutely personal to us. We love the fact that we can change them so we have user specific ones or team specific and it’s absolutely increased productivity within my team.


Agovo offers more than just a CRM system

Our solutions provide much more than just an ordinary CRM system, that’s because they are powered by a Business Process Management engine.

Now, although this is just fancy way of saying “Business Automation”, our CRM solutions allow you to power through manual daily tasks at lightning speed.

Looking to create and send out invoices in a matter of seconds?

No problem, this functionality allows you to simultaneously increase workforce productivity whilst reducing your long term admin costs.     

With an easy to use Social Media interface our solutions will help your business increase sales, business visibility and customer retention.

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