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Best Call Centre CRM Software Features

telephone integration for call centre crm

Discover the Best Features for your Call Centre

In order to run a successful Call Centre and keep your staff nimble and productive then it’s hugely important to equip your team with the right tools.

However, with the increasingly competitive world of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, making sure that you choose the right solution for your business can be tough.

That’s why I have created a quick article outlining 8 of the most popular features to look out for when selecting a new solution for your business.

Note: The software used to demonstrate the features mentioned below is: bpm’online sales.

To learn more about this solution, click here.


#1. Telephony Integration

Now I’m sure we can all agree on this one, but it’s vital to make sure the system you select has the ability to integrate with your current telephone system.

With this feature available, you will be able to make, track and record calls directly from the CRM. Simply search for your required contact, click the call button and in seconds the system will attempt to connect you with the desired contact.

This is a huge benefit to your business as it will increase workforce productivity and calls made whilst eliminating the need for your agents to dial.

Here’s a quick screenshot showing how easy it can be for your agents:


#2. Reporting and Performance Analytics

This key feature gives you the ability to keep track of your team’s performance and day-to-day operations more closely.

Here you will be able to analyse critical call metrics such as calls made, call durations, customer satisfaction levels or even meetings booked that day.

What’s more is that if you manage to select a cloud based solution, you will be able to access this data from home or on your mobile device, this gives you the ability to see exactly how your team is performing from anywhere in the world.

Here’s an example of a basic sales managers dashboard:

From a managers perspective this is a great feature to have as it allows you to customise your reports and dynamically track your team’s performance based on any specific objectives you set out.

However, not only are these dashboards used to show overall team performance but they can also be used to track individual agent’s performance.

So, let’s say your agents are assigned a certain amount of calls a day. By creating a personalised dashboard all your agents can monitor their own performance and ensure they are on the track to achieving their set KPIs.

Here’s an example of a personal sales agent’s dashboard:


#3. Clean and Clear User Interface

If you have been researching sales solutions then I’m sure you have come across the phrase ‘Unified Agent Workspace’ a few times now.

But what does this mean?

This means that your agents will have the ability to access to a complete 360-degree view of your customers.

This gives them the ability to instantly see all of the information assigned to each contact in one tab and leverage it for a more engaging sales approach.

Here is an example of the ‘Lead’ section:

With this clean workspace, all agents will be able to see; exactly which stage of the buyer journey the prospect is at, how many calls have been made to that contact, what are the notes left by the previous agents and also any interactions the contact has had with your website.

This gives you the ability to predict buying behaviour and win customers over by personalising the sales approach.


#4. Guide Agents through the Sales Process

This feature gives you the ability to guide your agents through the sales process and prompt them on the next steps needed to be taken to ensure the sale goes onto the next stage correctly.

Here is an example of the ‘Lead Stages’ section:

This can be a great benefit for your team as it means less time needs to be spent on training and more time can be spent on selling.


#5. Knowledge Base

The knowledge base is a section within a CRM whereby everyone in the organisation can benefit from collaborative sharing and learning.

Here your employees will be able to share content such as articles, guides or specification documents to other agents who can relay the relevant information back to the customer quickly and efficiently.

This feature helps enable faster and better decision making and promotes the right standard of repeatable processes and procedures.

Furthermore, you can also tag other users to a document to bring awareness to an important update.

In addition, this tool has a familiar interface, meaning it works in a similar way to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

This brings me nicely onto my next must-have feature.


#6. Collaboration Tools

This feature allows your workforce to be more productive as they will be able to communicate with their team or customers directly from the CRM.

Here you will be able to make calls, manage emails, approve contracts or discounts and collaborate seamlessly across your business with a simple and easy to use internal social media tool.

This feature will keep your finger on the pulse as you receive updates and notifications from the latest deals and projects with the ability to “like”, “comment” and “tag” other employees in your internal news feed.


#7. Segmentation Tools

This feature allows you to create a segmented list of contacts within your database.

Here you will be able to filter opportunities or customers based on a set criteria to help improve the communication and build stronger relationships.

For example, you can organise contacts or accounts based on chosen spend types, locations, job roles, salaries, departments and target them for a more tailored sales approach.

Here is an example of filtering contacts by job titles:

I have personally found that this feature helps save time by making sure you are only contacting validated prospects, by doing so this has helped improve results and focus on the right opportunities.


#8. System Customisation

With the user customisation feature you will be able to easily rearrange, add and remove data fields and lookups for entire pages within your CRM.

This feature includes a simple ‘System Design Wizard’ where you can fully customise the look of your software without any programming experience needed.



In conclusion, I hope this article will give you a bit of guidance as to what features to look for in your new Call Center software.

Once you have chosen the right software for your business, this can help you:

  • Improve Workforce Productivity
  • Increase Tracking and Business Visibility
  • Increase Agent’s Performance
  • Improve Customer Experience
  • Create Personalised Sales Approaches

If you are looking for more answers on this topic, feel free to send us a message or leave a comment below.

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