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Key Takeaways from the bpm’online ‘Accelerate Time-to-Strategy Execution’ Event in London.

Bpmonline global tour 2017 Accelerate Time to Strategy Execution

Bpm’online Global Tour 2017

Firstly, we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who attended the bpm’online ‘Accelerate Time-to-Strategy Execution’ Global Tour in London on the 20th of June. It was lovely meeting you all to discuss your experience with CRM, bpm’online and Agovo.

If you would like to follow up with us or you have any further questions, please feel free to leave a comment below or contact us directly.


Key Takeaways – Presentations

During the event we had some great presentations from:

1) Katherine Kostereva (CEO of bpm’online) as she discusses the importance of customer engagement and the growing need for businesses to accelerate their ‘Time-to-Strategy Execution’.

In this presentation Katherine outlines some of the key case studies whereby large organisations such as Starbucks, Netflix and Airbnb have benefited from fast strategy execution based on streamlined business processes and the help of Automation and CRM technologies.


2) Matthew Tharp (Chief Evangelist of bpm’online) as he uncovered some of the critical factors to win in the era of hyper-speed and efficient business execution.

In Matthew’s presentation he outlines the vast array of business processes used by different industries and the growing need to adapt to upcoming technologies.


3) Andie Dovgan (Sales Director of bpm’online), Daniel Woolley (EMEA Business Development Manager of bpm’online) and Alex Petrunenko (Senior Sales Engineer of bpm’online) as they unveiled their latest product release – Bpm’online Studio.

The Bpm’online Studio is a new product within the bpm’online suite that focuses on 4 main components; Business Process Management, Case Management, System Designer and Core Configuration.

This low code solution allows businesses to gain greater flexibility within their processes and ensure faster time-to-strategy execution.

Here are some of the features included in these 4 core components:

#1 Business Process Management:

  • Business Process Management Engine: A powerful automation engine that allows execution of multiple processes simultaneously.
  • Process Designer: Design structured business processes of any complexity.
  • Process Log: A complete log of processes to monitor their steps and outcomes.
  • Process Analytics: Dashboards to visualise process statistics for business performance optimisation.

#2 Case Management 

  • Case Designer: Comprehensive and easy to use tools for quick setup and management.
  • Case Engine: System that guides users through the process flow.
  • Case Analytics: Consolidated real-time analytics on case execution.

#3 System Designer

  • Section Wizard: Built-in tools and wizards to help setup the system interface.
  • Business Rules: User tools to configure the system’s business logics.
  • UI Customisation: Users can easily personalise the application by adding their companies logo and applying their corporate colour scheme.
  • Mobile app wizard: Customise workplaces and system sections to create purpose-built mobile apps.
  • Access rights administration: Easily manage access rights for users and departments.
  • Data import and synchronisation: Out-of-the-box tools for data import and synchronisation with third-party applications and systems.
  • Dashboard setup: User-friendly interface for dashboard setup and configuration.

#4 Core Configuration

  • Managing the organisational structure: Efficiently manage the company’s organisational structure and employees data.
  • Task Management: Manage tasks throughout process execution, get system notifications and reminders.
  • Internal and external communications management: Support of omnichannel communications: email, phone, messengers, enterprise social network.
  • Contact and account data management: Single database of all customers, vendors, partners and competitors; and a complete set of tools for structuring and analysing data.
  • Mobile application: Access to the vital data anywhere, anytime and from any device.



4) Paul Greenberg (one of the world’s leading analysts and thought leaders in CRM) gave an interesting presentation on the delivery of information and the importance behind customer engagement strategies to win the battle for the 21st century customer.

With a focus on trust, Paul mentions the four key elements needed to build a honest relationship with your consumers. These key features include; listening to the customers’ needs, providing high quality service, placing customers ahead of profits and treating your employees well. Often enough, a true representation of a company is based on what customers feel about the business over time.

To find out more on customer engagement strategies, download Paul’s presentation via the link below.


Agovo Awarded Successful Long-term Partnership Award from bpm’online

We are excited to announce that our team received an award from Katherine Kostereva at bpm’online for long-term partnership success.

In order of appearance: Samuel Tilley (Director, Agovo), Katherine Kostereva (CEO, bpm’online), Steve Brain (Board Director, Agovo) and Alex Donchuk (Global Channel Director, bpm’online).


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