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Adobe Sign Integration with bpm’online

Adobe Sign integration with bpm’online – delivered by Agovo

Get your contracts signed faster via legally binding e-sign agreements.

We are proud to announce that we have recently released a full integration with Adobe Sign and bpm’online.

Adobe Sign (formerly known as Adobe EchoSign) makes it faster and easier than ever to securely sign and manage legal documents.

Adobe Sign is one of the world’s most widely used e-sign solutions. Providing a legally binding e-signature to your contracts, you will be able to quickly prepare, send, track and manage contracts, forms, agreements from any device, anywhere in the world.

With Adobe Sign integrated into your bpm’online system, you will be able to:

  • Close deals faster
  • Streamline your sales and HR processes
  • Reduce business risks
  • Onboard vendors faster
  • Approve contracts
  • Track agreement status

How to Create an Agreement

Users can either create an agreement directly from the Agreement section or via printables in the Contact / Account / Opportunity / Project / Contract / Order sections.

If a printable is setup for a section, you will be able to find the “Create Agreement” button in the ‘Actions’ menu. By clicking on the action, this will automatically generate an agreement with the printable already attached – as shown on below.


Agreement’s Page

Within the Agreements page, you will be able to view, manage, edit, track and send your e-sign agreements.

As you can see, this page includes 3 main sections including; ‘Agreement Recipients’, ‘Attachments’, ‘Password Protection’ and ‘Agreement Events’.

Agreement Recipients

The ‘Agreement Recipients’ section provides a clear overview into which contacts are involved within the contracting process.

Here you will be able to assign different roles to each user by specifying the individual tasks they need to complete in order for the contract progress onto the next stage. These main roles include; ‘Acceptor’, ‘Approver’ and ‘Signer’.

Here, you can also setup the signature order. This will allocate the order in which the recipients receive the document.

Once the user has completed their task, the system will automatically update and notify the next user in the process.


The Attachments section shows you all of the documents included within the contracting process.

Once the contract has been signed by your client, Adobe Sign will automatically convert this document into a PDF and send it back to the attachments section in bpm’online, as seen below.

Password Protection

The password protection section gives you the ability to setup a password for recipients upon opening the agreement, and password secure signed PDF’s. You can setup password protection for all, external or internal users.

Agreement Events

The Agreement Events section gives you a clearer visibility over your contract’s progress.

Here you can easily track exactly which stage of the process your contract is in, whether that be waiting on approval or signature.

Furthermore, if your contract hasn’t progressed in a while, you will be able to instantly send a reminder to the user who needs to complete their task in order for the contract to go ahead.


Adobe Sign Email

Once your contract has been approved and sent across, your client will then receive an email similar to the following:

After clicking on the link in the email, your client will be taken to a page where they can view and sign the document.

Once the contract has been signed, all users will be notified via email and your client will be given the opportunity to download a copy of the signed contract.


Update Required Fields

By integrating Adobe Sign to your bpm’online system, you will also be able completely customise your e-sign agreement.

By dragging and dropping other fields into your contract you can capture any additional information that is required from your client.

Additional Agreement Fields

Users can create automated signing reminders using the “Signature Reminder” field. Daily or weekly reminders will be sent out to recipients who have not yet interacted with the agreement. Furthermore, you can send manual reminders via the actions menu.

You can also set a “Completion Deadline”. This will automatically cancel the agreement once the desired date has been reached.

Adobe Sign Dashboards

By combining bpm’online’s powerful reporting functionality with Adobe Sign, you will get instant visibility across all your contracts and their current status.

Here you will be able to track how many contracts are aborted, authoring, out for signature or have been signed.

Start gaining a complete 360-degree view of your contracts today.


Get Started with Adobe Sign.

If you are interested in taking advantage of our Adobe Sign integration, get in touch with our friendly team today.

Alternatively, if you would like to view the Adobe Sign prices and compatibility features, please visit the bpm’online marketplace below.


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