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MailChimp Integration with Bpm’online

mailchimp integration with bpmonline

Integrate your Bpm’online Contacts with MailChimp Lists

We are excited to announce our brand new integration with MailChimp and bpm’online.

In the following article we will take a look at some of the main features included within this new connector.



What is MailChimp?

MailChimp is one of the world’s most popular email marketing providers. Using this connector, you can now connect your bpm’online system directly to MailChimp with 2-way synchronisation.

Whether you are self-employed, manage email campaigns for clients or work in a fortune 500 company, MailChimp and bpm’online have features that will suit all your marketing needs. Whenever a contact or member is updated in one system, the changes will be automatically applied to the connected system.

With bpm’online integrated with MailChimp, you can:

  • Synchronise data between MailChimp and bpm’online systems;
  • Create, update or delete lists from bpm’online;
  • Link your MailChimp campaigns to existing business processes;
  • View list statistics from bpm’online (opens, clicks, unsubscribes etc);
  • View member statistics from the contact section;
  • And automatically make changes to the bpm’online contact when a member unsubscribes in MailChimp.


Key Features of MailChimp and Bpm’online

MailChimp List View

The MailChimp section provides a clear overview of all lists available in your MailChimp account. Whether a list is created / updated in MailChimp or bpm’online, this information will be automatically applied to both systems seamlessly.

In the MailChimp List View, you can access a quick summary of your list’s information and performance directly from bpm’online. You can customise any of columns by clicking ‘View’ > ‘Set Columns to Display’.


MailChimp Record View

Within the MailChimp Record View, you will be able to view and edit all of the most important information associated to that MailChimp list, such as the individual members and their recent activity.

You can also add contacts directly from this section by clicking the ‘+’ icon next to the ‘Members’ detail.


Adding Contacts to a MailChimp List

As mentioned above, one method for adding contacts to a list is by using the ‘+’ icon on the MailChimp record page. However with our integration, we make it easier. You can add an individual contact or all the contacts within a selected folder directly from the Contacts section in bpm’online.

Simply click the Contact you wish to add (or ‘Select All’ or ‘Select Multiple Records’ from the actions menu) and then click ‘Action’ > ‘Add to MailChimp List’.

After you have completed this step, the system will then ask you which MailChimp List you would like to add these contacts to. Simply select the appropriate list and you are ready to go!


Contacts Section

If you would like to see the individual responses tied to a particular contact, you can access this in the ‘History’ tab of the contact’s record.

Here you will be able to see all of the lists this contact is apart of, whether they are subscribed or unsubscribed, open rate and average click through rate of this list.

Furthermore, whenever a contact has unsubscribed from a email campaign in MailChimp, this will automatically tick the contact records ‘Do Not Email’ checkbox. You can change this any time in the MailcChimp System Setting (more information is available in the manual on the marketplace page).


Getting Started

If you are interested in taking advantage of our MailChimp integration, please get in touch with our friendly team today.

You can call us on 01932 26462 or via email at We look forward to hearing from you.

Alternatively, if you would like to view pricing and compatibility information, please visit the bpm’online marketplace via the banner below.

View MailChimp Marketplace Page for bpm'online


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