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7 Awesome Benefits of Business Process Automation (BPA)

the benefits to business process automation

Business Process Automation (BPA) is defined as a strategy to help improve business performance and contain costs by integrating tools, people and processes through autonomous workflows. BPA takes repeatable manual processes out of your hands and allows you to focus on the more important tasks such as developing your business.

Often started by a trigger such as a prospect submitting their details into a web form, this will initiate a set of predefined steps in a workflow that result in certain actions being taken by the business. Tasks such as prospect follow-up, file transfer, invoicing, generating reports or extracting data can all be automated from a singular location online.

With the rise in technology and software advancements, Business Process Automation is becoming a highly recognised and necessary tool for most CIOs, but why?

Well, as businesses evolve, the demand to perform complicated, labour-intensive tasks increases. Therefore, the need for automation to save time and handle certain tasks becomes paramount to the success of business growth.

In the following article, I outline some of the main benefits of BPA to help give you a deeper understanding into how automation can effect your organisation.


What are the benefits of Business Process Automation?

#1 Time Saving

For most businesses, one of the most valuable benefits of automation will be the time saving.

By having the right system in place, not only will this significantly reduce the number of manual tasks you and your employees complete but it will also help you save money on long-term administration costs.

Here is a list of tasks automation can take control of:

  • Follow-up marketing emails
  • Orders and invoicing
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Website reports
  • Database backups
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Customer support communications
  • Nurture campaigns

Furthermore, not only will automation help save you time and money but it also eliminates the risk of human error.

By substituting an automation platform for these human vulnerabilities, you and your team will be able to produce a consistent steam of high quality work (more about this in #2).


#2 Quality & Consistency

Business Process Automation can also help organisations deliver a consistent high quality service to their prospects or customers. By automating everyday business processes, you will be able to make sure every action is performed in the exact same way every single time.

For example, let’s say your business usually sends a follow up email to each prospect that interacts with your business. With the right system in place you will be able to automate and personalise your approach to deliver a reliable high quality experience to every prospect.

Furthermore, with a regular structure to these emails you will be able to reliably report on the effectiveness of the follow up process and split test your approach in an attempt to optimise engagement and sales.

Learn more about this in ‘5 golden ways to engage prospects in 2017’.


#3 Streamline Communication

Streamlining your team’s communication efforts is vital for the success of any project.

However, without the right tools in place, this can quickly become overwhelming and time consuming for even the most organised of users.

For many people, this commonly involves scrolling through hundreds of emails in your inbox in order to find the status of a particular task, then piecing it together with other emails to gain a general understanding of your project’s status.

With the correct automation in place, it can enable your team to group up and tackle all the individual aspects of a certain processes quickly and effectively, resulting in a more reliable and streamlined business operation.

Furthermore, Business Process Automation usually offers visual dashboards, allowing you report on the progress of tasks from multiple projects in a singular workspace. This feature relieves you from the stress associated to finding the current status of each project and will allow you to be more productive.


#4 Enforcing Accountability

When automating a workflow, you have the ability to assign individual employees to particular stages of a project or sale. Therefore, any tasks that require an input are tracked and users will be notified when they are expected to perform a certain action.

With this level of business transparency you will be able to clearly see the current status of a business process and who is needed to take action before moving onto the next stage. This makes it easy to follow up and identify which part of the process is taking longest and at what point it may need to be optimised.


#5 Clear Business Visibility

For most businesses it’s essential to have clear visibility over all marketing and sales activities. However, this can be time consuming as it frequently involves spending hours in excel to clean the data and produce the relevant graphs.

Nowadays, it’s vital for businesses to have a modern system in place to give the ability to instantly extract your business’ raw data into clear and easily accessible dynamic dashboards. Here you will be able to gather a deep insight into how your business is performing without having to produce time consuming excel reports.

For instance, if you are working with a sales team, you will have access to reporting functionality that demonstrates your team’s performance, KPIs, calling activity and pipeline status for the month.

Here’s an example of a typical dashboard you can create for your sales team:

Learn more reporting and performance software for sales teams.


#6 Reducing Turnaround Times

When it comes to customer service, workflow automation tools are a huge benefit to your team as it will give your organisation the power to streamline existing customer service requests and produce a faster and more relevant case resolution.

Furthermore, optimising the current flow of information to your customers through processes such as production, service and billing will allow for a greater operational performance including faster turnaround times for both customers and staff.

Leading on from this, automation can further benefit your organisation when looking to benefit from collaborative sharing and learning.


#7 Document Automation

Document automation is a great way to save time when working on standardised documents.

This feature allows your organisation to instantly produce customised electronic documents such as contracts, legal documents, invoices and letters by taking data from a CRM and assembling segments of pre-existing text to form a new document.

This allows companies to reduce the time spend on data entry and proof-reading and means more time can be spent elsewhere such as pursing new clients or spend time on other activities for existing clients.


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