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SurveyMonkey Integration with Creatio

SurveyMonkey and Creatio Integration. Delivered by Agovo. We are excited to announce our brand new integration with SurveyMonkey and Creatio. In the following article, we will take an in-depth look at some of the main features.   What is SurveyMonkey? Trusted by 40 million customers...

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excel to crm transition, what is better?

Excel to CRM: Why Replace your Spreadsheets with CRM?

7 reasons why you should move from Excel to CRM Thinking about moving from Excel to CRM? Today, many companies still rely on Excel for their sales and marketing operations. This is mainly because Excel is well-known application and most employees find it relatively easy to use. However...

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5 sales life hacks to improve conversion banner

5 Sales Tips: Improving Pipeline Conversion

Discover these 5 sales hacks for successful B2B selling. In the following article we will be uncovering 5 of the best life hacks from bpm’online that will allow you to overcome common pitfalls, generate more revenue and create new effective sales habits. To download the eBook...

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telephone integration for call centre crm

Best Call Centre CRM Software Features

Discover the Best Features for your Call Centre In order to run a successful Call Centre and keep your staff nimble and productive then it’s hugely important to equip your team with the right tools. However, with the increasingly competitive world of Customer Relationship Management (CRM)...

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