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A Proven CRM Solution for smaller businesses

Goldmine Premium is a popular CRM solution for smaller marketing, sales and service teams. Providing efficient contact management, sales automation, analytics and customer service tracking, Goldmine is a perfect solution for any SME.

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Contact Management
Create Engaging Customer Interactions

Manage all customer interactions including calls, meetings and follow-ups efficiently. You will be able to view team activities in a group calendar by synchronising your Microsoft Outlook account.

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Lead Management
Start Converting More Leads

Implement an organised structure to help manage and qualify potential sales. You will be able to segment the leads and analyse data to show conversion statistics, lead profits and marketing campaign performance.

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Sales Automation
Maximise Sales Productivity

Increase workforce productivity and reduce long-term admin costs by automating everyday sales processes. Drive a more efficient sales process today.

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Make More Informed Decisions

Convert customer data into actionable insight using Goldmine's reporting functionality. Use pre-built or customised dashboards for marketing, sales and service analytics.

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Customer Service Tracking
Increase Customer Satisfaction

Goldmine allows you to track, resolve and report on all service cases to increases customer satisfaction and long-term profitability.

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Marketing Automation
Generate More High Quality Leads

Create engaging email marketing campaigns with Goldmine’s Constant Contact Email Suite. Target the right contacts with personalised emails for higher conversion rates.

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Delivered by Agovo

With over 40 years of combined experience in CRM, Agovo provides a professional and reliable service to every customer we meet. We understand that implementing a CRM system can sometimes be quite daunting; that’s why we will be with you every step of the way to make sure your CRM project is a success. From general customer support to complex bespoke system creation, Agovo is here to help.

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