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Allow your team to manage their cases more efficiently. Using a single agent workplace, your team will be able to close more requests in less time.

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Get more done within a singular agent workspace

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Clear list of assigned cases
  • Create individual or team KPIs
Bpmonline illustrating their omnichannel communication features

Improve workforce productivity

  • Integrated tasks and calendar
  • Integrated calls and emails
  • Smart internal social network
Managers workspace within bpmonline to manage cases and SLAs

Keep track of your agent's productivity levels

  • Agent Workplace
  • Supervisor Workplace
  • Queue management and prioritisation
Knowledge base within bpmonline

Gain access to the necessary information at the right time

  • Easy upload any files or text
  • Ratings for Knowledge base article
  • Knowledge base structure
The Service Catalogue Manager within bpmonline CRM

Create an organised list of all services

  • Unified service catalogue
  • Response and resolution times
  • Timely case resolution

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“One of the most important things for me is that the team actually listened to my requirements and then took the time to understand exactly what we needed. Above all, they were very professional in their approach.”

Paul Davison

Director of Sierran

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